Online Game Prices

How online games are priced

If you have purchased cases from case publishers, you will recognize our pricing model. Pricing is usually on a per-student basis for one course.  For example, if there are 30 students in a course divided into 10 teams, the price would be the individual student price multiplied by 30 students.

The price is the same whether one or two games for a given product are assigned. In other words, the second game is effectively free.

Base prices

Student prices for institutions in North America and Western Europe are shown below. “Online codes” refers to the option where students pay themselves using a secure online store provided by Responsive Learning Technologies. “Direct payment by institutions” includes bookstores, instances where the institution collects fees from students via lab fees or checks, or instances where the institution pays directly.

Product List Price Student Price
(online codes)
Academic Price
(direct payment by institutions)
  Littlefield (at least 2 students per team) $75 $18 $15
  Littlefield (single-student teams) $75 $24 $20
  Supply Chain Game $100 $24 $20
  Sourcing Game $100 $24 $20
  Startup Game $75 $18 $15
  Venture Capital Game $100 $24 $20
  Electronic Beer Game $12 $12 $10

Product Bundles

When multiple products are used in a single course there is a discount. For example, adding the electronic beergame to a course already using another product—Littlefield or the Supply Chain Game—would increase the academic price by just $5, not $10. Please contact for specific bundle prices.


Discounts are available for schools granting degrees in countries with significantly lower per-capita income than the US and Western Europe.

Volume discounts are also available.  For most products, volume discounts start at 600 students per year in one course.

For discount information, contact .