Worksheets 1: Using Worksheets

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Workbooks and Worksheets

Microsoft Excel is known as a spreadsheet program, but Excel files are called Workbooks, or Books, and each Workbook consists of one or more Worksheets, or sheets. (Workbooks can also contain Chart sheets.)

A worksheet is what most people think of when they think of a spreadsheet. Worksheets contain rows and columns of Cells, each of which may contain data or formulas. To enter your data or formulas, click on a cell to activate it. You may enter or edit your data in the cell or in the formula bar, depending upon your preferences.

By default Excel names worksheets Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc. You can change the name of worksheets, add more worksheets, change the order of the worksheets, or remove worksheets.

Demonstration:  Click the following buttons to highlight those parts of the Excel workspace

blank worksheet

Naming, Moving and Copying Worksheets

To rename a worksheet, double-click on the sheet tab at the bottom of the sheet. You can also right-click on the sheet tab and select Rename from the shortcut menu.

There are several ways to rearrange the worksheet order:

The Move or Copy dialog box also includes an option to insert a copy of the worksheet instead of moving the worksheet.

Move multiple sheets simultaneously by holding down the control Ctrl key (or Shift key if they are contiguous) while you click on their tabs to select them.

Demonstration:  Click on the icon to see how to name and move worksheets.
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Adding and Removing worksheets

There are several ways to insert new blank worksheets:

You can permanently remove a worksheet you no longer need. To delete a worksheet, click on its tab, then click the menu arrow of the Delete button in the Cells group and select Delete Sheet, or right-click its tab and choose Delete from the shortcut menu. This action is not recoverable, and Excel will query you to be sure you want to remove the sheet and any data it contains.

Demonstration:  Click on the icon below to see how to insert and delete worksheets.
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Scrolling through Worksheets

The sheet tabs for worksheets share space with the active worksheet's horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window. If a workbook has many sheets, all sheet tabs may not be visible. The small arrows to the left of the worksheet tabs are tab-scrolling buttons Tab scrolling buttons , for scrolling the sheet tabs.

If you right-click any of the tab-scrolling buttons to the left of the worksheet tabs, Excel displays a list of all sheets in the workbook. Selecting a worksheet from the list activates that sheet.

You can adjust the space given to the sheet tabs and the horizontal scroll bar by dragging the tab split box Tab split box .

Demonstration:  Click on the icon below to see how to use the tab scrolling buttons and the tab split box.
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