Student interface is normally branded with the host school's institutional logo

Typical Student   exit button Students may quit at any time and log in later to resume where they left off.

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  progress bar and results button Students may view the results of past or the current assessments, including how skills were assessed, their submitted answers, and correct answers.

Question 2005:

  more information When a student mouses over this icon it displays more information about how to submit an answer. Questions might, for example, require a student to select a single answer, multiple answers, click on a sequence of images, or enter a number or word.

Click on the liabilities portion of this financial statement

XYZ Corporation balance sheet. Assets: cash 70000, accounts receivable 90000, inventory 10000, property plant and equipment net 30000, total 200000. Liabilities: notes payable 30000, long term debt 100000, paid in capital 20000, retained earnings 50000, total 200000.
submit button Once a student enters or selects their answer they click here to submit it. Students always have the option to submit don't know by clicking here without an answer. no check button If desired, administrators may give students the ability to check their answers before submitting them. tutorial button If desired, administrators may give students the ability to open tutorial pages relevant this question before answering it. reset button Students click here to reset the question so they can start over.