Frequently Asked Questions for Foundations

Q: I learned a different version of Excel than the Spreadsheets module covers. Why can’t I take an assessment on a different version of Excel?
A: Most institutions require students to demonstrate basic competency in the version of Excel that will be used in lectures and assignments. One of the reasons you are taking the assessment is to ensure you will be able to follow lectures and assignments using the Excel version on which the institution has standardized.

Q: When I click on “details” on the results page, why are some skills all assessed by the same question?
A: To minimize the assessment time, some questions will assess multiple skills. For example, if you do not remember what xa means, the assessor won’t waste your time asking you lots of other questions that require that skill.

Q: When I view the instructional material, the video demonstrations either end prematurely or don’t work at all. What should I do?
A: This problem is caused by old versions of the Flash plug-in combined with mozilla-based browsers like Firefox. Try updating Flash or using Internet Explorer instead.