Gleacher mission control room

The Sourcing Game

The Sourcing Game is an online competitive simulation where student teams produce and sell products. In a typical introductory assignment, students produce inventory by setting reorder points and sell inventory by setting retail prices. More advanced assignments can include: negotiating complex purchasing agreements between teams to acquire inventory; selecting suppliers to balance responsiveness, reliability, and price; and analyzing large data sets to determine pricing and inventory policies in the presence of complex demand patterns.

Assignments can be used to teach a variety of topics including:

  • Pricing in a monopoly setting
  • Inventory management
  • Risk sharing and incentive alignment
  • Choosing suppliers and distributors
  • Supply chain analytics

Assignment durations vary from an hour in the classroom to a week outside the classroom. A course would typically use one or two assignments.

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“...very dynamic and provided many opportunities for exploring contracts and negotiations.”

– Student participant

“Fascinating -- and rather addictive, too!”

– Johns Hopkins University Professor

screenshot of Sourcing game

Students control their firm through an easy to understand graphical interface displayed in a web browser on a PC or a tablet.

Gleacher data plot Students view and download historic performance data to understand the effects of past decisions and guide future decisions.

Gleacher teams ranked by cash balance Students may view their relative score and rank at any time.

Consolidated Statement of Operations

Teams use structured term sheets to negotiate purchasing agreements with other teams. The software then enforces those agreements.