student playing Littlefield on laptop

Littlefield Technologies
   and Littlefield Laboratories

Littlefield is an online competitive simulation of a queueing network with an inventory point. Faculty can choose between two settings: a high-tech factory named Littlefield Technologies or a blood testing service named Littlefield Labs.

In a typical setting, students are divided into teams, and compete to maximize their cash position through decisions: buying and selling capacity, adjusting lead time quotes, changing lot sizes and inventory ordering parameters, and selecting scheduling rules. Different Littlefield assignments have been designed to teach a variety of traditional operations management topics including:

  • process analysis
  • capacity management
  • forecasting
  • production control
  • inventory control
  • queueing
  • lead time management.

Assignment options include 2-hour games to be played in class and 7-day games to be played outside class.  The game can be quickly learned by both faculty and students.

Littlefield was developed with Sunil Kumar and Samuel Wood while they were on the faculty of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Click on the links below for more information:

A mini site providing more details and a demo of Littlefield Technologies

How to order trial accounts, instructor packets, and course accounts



“The students absolutely love this experience.”

– Georgia Tech Industrial & Systems Engineering Professor

screenshot of Littlefield game

Students monitor operations through an easy to understand graphical interface displayed in their web browser.

Littlefield data plot Students view and download historical performance data to understand the effects of past decisions and to guide future decisions.

Littlefield teams ranked by cash balanceStudents can view their score and rank at any time.

“The students really enjoyed the simulation. They all agreed that it was a very rewarding educational experience and recommend that it be used for future students. In addition, this group was extremely competitive… they seemed to have a lot of fun competing against one another.”

– Arizona State University business professor

“I enjoyed applying the knowledge from class to a real world situation.”

“It was fun.”

“Sometimes I couldn’t go to bed.”

– Rochester University MBA students

“Since the simulation started on Monday afternoon, the student response has been very positive. Some describe it as addictive.”

– Rice University business professor