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Examples of Questions and Instructional Pages in Statistics Foundations


There are one or more questions to assess each skill in Statistics Foundations The software chooses questions based on how well the student has answered previous questions, with the objective of minimizing the total number of questions required to assess all the skills selected by the institution. Click on the either of the skills below to see an example of a question that assesses the skill:

Recognize the effect on a distribution plot of changing the standard deviation

Distinguish strong, weak, and negligible correlation values

Instructional Pages:

After completing an assessment, Foundations directs the student to the specific pages that cover the skills the student was assessed as lacking. The available skills in Statistics Foundations are taught on 18 instructional pages that include interactive animations and short demonstrations. If desired, students can view pages that cover the skills they were assessed as having, or even pages covering skills not included in the assessment but still made visible by the institution. Click below to see examples.

Note: Most versions of mozilla-based browsers like Firefox will not display all the videos or rollover text correctly. If you have trouble, please open the page with Internet Explorer or Safari. When viewing a video, be sure to have your speakers turned on.

A page that teaches Properties of Distributions

A page that introduces Covariance and Correlation