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How to Order

Our products are software that runs on servers owned and maintained by us. Institutions that use the software must remit a fee to RLT for the administration of the software on the server.  Please email or call 650-948-6496 to place your order or request additional information.

Trial Accounts

To request a free trial account and a "packet" of sample assignments, teaching notes, administrative instructions, Instructors should e-mail with the following information:

  • Instructor's name, e-mail address, and institution

Within a few days, RLT will e-mail the URLs, access codes for the trial account and a packet of short documents. The trial account will allow the administrator to use existing scenarios, to create new scenarios, and up to 4 teams to play the simulator simultaneously. The trial account may not be used in an actual course.

Course Accounts

If the instructor decides to use the simulator in a course, then he or she requests a course account by sending e-mail to with the following information:

  • Instructor's name, e-mail address, and institution
  • Desired login and password for the Administrator's page, and a short code that would be used to register teams.
  • The approximate number of students that will by playing the game
  • Maximum team size and Maximum number of teams in the class.
  • The approximate dates the students will be registering and then playing each simulation
  • Invoice address. The invoice is typically mailed after the first simulation begins.

Within a few days, the instructor receives URLs and access codes for the course account. The trial account will remain active too. The course account is active during the term when the account will be used.


Universities can pay the fee in several different ways:

  • By purchase order and invoice.
  • By selling access codes to students through our website or a campus bookstore.
  • By collecting money directly from students; or
  • By adding the fee to a class lab fee. When these options are not practical, RLT can make alternative arrangements.