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Information for Faculty and Staff

Responsive Learning Technologies’ products cover two broad categories:

  • Online Games that are developed with leading scholars to achieve specific learning objectives in courses like Operations, Production Planning and Control, Supply Chain Management, Stochastic Systems, and Spreadsheet Modeling. Durations of the games range from 30 minutes to weeks.
  • Foundations are combinations of online assessors and instructional material, developed with the School of Management at Dartmouth College to ensure pre-requisite skills for academic programs in areas spanning Spreadsheets, Math, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, and Economics.

This page describes the procedures for evaluating and ordering our products. For more specific technical or clarification questions, click on the appropriate frequently ask question (FAQ) list:

Product Evaluation

Faculty and Staff may request a free online trial account, handouts, and teaching notes by e-mailing . Please include your name, institution, e-mail address, phone number, and the product(s) in which you are interested. We always check to confirm requests come from faculty, so if you can provide a link to your faculty web page, that is also helpful. We usually respond to requests within one business day.

Although the trial account and accompanying material are usually sufficient to learn to use the products, most instructors find it useful to have one of us walk the instructor through the use of the product over the phone in a conversation that usually takes about an hour. The conversation also includes a discussion of best practices that have emerged in the use of the game, and selection of online assignments that fit best with the course. Unless you request otherwise, someone from our company will follow up with you to see if you would like to schedule a call.

Ordering Online Games

To order an online game for a particular course and term, please e-mail the following information to :

  • Instructor's name, e-mail address, and institution
  • The approximate number of students that will by playing the game
  • Maximum number of students you will allow per team, if more than the default of four.
  • Maximum number of teams you expect to need.
  • The approximate dates the students will register their teams.
  • The assignments you plan to run and the dates you plan to run them. If you do not have the exact dates, approximate dates are usually sufficient.

If you want us to set up a group of games for different sections of a course, then please provide the above information for each section. In addition, we need some way of labeling each section like “MW 1:30” or “Section 10”.

Finally, please specify the payment mechanism. Different payment mechanisms are described near the bottom of this page. If the institution is paying directly, please provide the billing address.

Ordering Foundations Modules

If your institution will require one or more Foundations modules for a particular group of students, we prefer to submit a short, formal proposal to your institution that includes pricing and terms of use. Please contact us for details .

If your institution wishes to make one or more Foundations modules available for students to purchase directly, please provide us with the module names and starting dates
at .


There are several payment options:

  • Direct payment from a department, course budget, or class lab fee. When ordering the product, please include the billing postal and e-mail addresses as well as any purchase order or reference number that should be included in the invoice. The invoice is typically mailed or e-mailed after use of the product begins.
  • Including the fee in a course reader. When ordering the product, please include contact information for the organization producing the course reader. If students are not required to purchase the course reader, we typically provide code sheets for insertion into the course reader and provide an alternative mechanism for purchasing code sheets as well.
  • Individual codes that students purchase themselves. Our products can be set up so that students must purchase codes to add their names to their teams when they register. We then rely on the instructor to give credit for the assignment only to students who show up on the registration lists that the instructor can download. Codes can be sold online and / or through bookstores. Instructions for bookstore orders are provided on another web page.
  • Collecting fees directly from students. If permitted by their institution, some faculty prefer to collect cash or checks directly from their students, to save the online processing fees or bookstore markups on code purchases. Student checks should be written to “Responsive Learning Technologies”, collected by the instructor, and mailed to our remit address.