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Frequently Asked Questions for Purchases

Q: My course requires me to purchase an access code online. How do I do that?
A: Your professor will provide you with a link to the game registration page for your course. There will be a link on that page to another site where you can set up an individual account to purchase a code online via a secure web site. After paying, you must log back into your account to see your code. Your code is not e-mailed to you.

Q: Which credit cards are accepted for online purchasing?
A: You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express cards.

Q: I purchased my code online where is it?
A: Log back into the account you created to purchase the code. If you do not see the code there 24 hours after purchasing it, please e-mail

Q: My professor has assigned an online game that requires purchase of an individual code. Is everyone on my team required to buy a code?
A: Yes. Each student on the team uses their own purchased code to add his or her name to the team. Our terms of use prohibit academic credit to any students who have not registered by adding his or her name to a team.

Q: My credit card company shows the charge posted to my credit card balance even though my online transaction failed. How can I remove the charge?
A: The credit card company (not us) sometimes temporarily posts failed transactions for up to 72 hours. If the charge is still posted to your credit card balance after 72 hours, e-mail us at .

Q: Can I get a refund for a code I purchased and never used?
A: If you purchased a code and never used it to register for one of our products, you may contact for a refund. If you used the code to register, you cannot get a refund even if you did not subsequently access the project.

Q: When I purchased my code from your online store I received an authorization code but I can't use the authorization code to register.
A: The authorization code is a reference number provided by your credit card company. It is not your registration code. To see your registration code, log back into the online store using the same id and password you created to buy the code. You should see the code there.