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Return Policy

Access codes purchased on RLT’s web sites may be returned for a full refund, provided (1) the code was never used, (2) the code’s expiration date has not passed, and (3) the code was purchased less than 120 days ago. You may not return a used code, a code that has expired, or a code that was purchased more than 120 days ago. A code may not be returned if it has ever been used. For example:

  • A code may not be returned if it has been used to add a name to a team for an online game.
  • A code may not be returned if it has ever been used to access an online instructor or test.
  • A code may not be returned if it was provided as proof of payment to receive credit for an assignment.

Because we cannot tell how a code was used, we do not offer refunds for used codes even, for example, if the code was not actually used to complete an assignment or if a student dropped the course and never received credit for the assignment for which the code was used.

Whether or not the code was ever used and whether or not is has expired, returns are only allowed within 120 days of the purchase date.

To return an unused code that has not expired and was purchased in the last 120 days, e-mail the following information to

  • The e-mail address associated with the account from which you purchased the code.
  • The access code.

You will receive a confirmation of your e-mail within two business days. If your request for a refund meets the above requirements, you will receive a notice of your refund within ten business days and the code will be deactivated. The full refund will be applied to the credit card that was used to purchase the code.

RLT may change its Return Policy. This policy was last updated May 22, 2009.