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Information for Students

Responsive Learning Technologies provides technical support to instructors but not to students. If you have a question that is not answered in the linked pages below, the next step is to ask your instructor.


Your instructor has several choices for how students purchase access to our online software, including your campus bookstore, collecting payments directly, or online purchasing. If your instructor included online purchasing as an option for payment, go to the registration link provided by your instructor, click on the link for online purchasing, and then follow the instructions for setting up a personal account and purchasing a code. For more information see:

Frequently Asked Questions for Purchases


Responsive Learning Technologies provides several games that are usually used as graded assignments in college and graduate level courses. Games include Littlefield, the Supply Chain Game, the Startup Game and the electronic beergame. Your instructor provides the links and codes necessary to set up your team and do the assignments. Also, each year organizations sponsor inter-scholastic competitions where students from different schools compete in very challenging games. Check the Events section on our home page for upcoming competitions. If you have technical or clarification questions about a game, try:

Frequently Asked Questions for Games

Assessment and Tutorials

Responsive Learning Technologies provides several modules that students can use to ensure preparedness, customized to specific universities and academic programs. Named Foundations, these modules cover areas like spreadsheets, quantitative skills, and accounting. Your institution provides the links to access the modules it has decided to provide. For technical or clarification questions, try:

Frequently Asked Questions for Assessment and Tutorials